Monument to the defenders of the Russian land, a flower bed in the form of Rus’.
Graffiti located in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior after Pussy Riot participants were sentenced and several scandals arose related to Patriarch Kirill.
Rus’, Wake Up! Learn the Truth!
The rhymed inscription reads For Rus’: One brother stands for another, That’s the rule, and there’s no other.
Rus without Nazi.
The inscription reading Russkiy, Stop Boozing! was later painted out.
I’m Russkiy.
Rus’. Kolovrat — an eight-ended solar sign, is one of ancient Russian (Slavic) symbols.
The inscription reads Holy Prayer and Lent.
Slaves bloozes.
Acronym of the illegal nationalist group Russian National Unity, Swastika is an ancient Russian (Slavic) symbol. Black, yellow and white — are colors or Russian national (imperial) flag.
The inscription reading Dagestan 05 (State area code) was cross out, Rus’ 1488 is written over.
Christ is coming.
We demand art. 282 CC RF* revoked,
(*Article 282 of Russia’s Civil Code, Incitement of Hatred or Enmity, or Abasement of Human Dignity).
For Holly Rus’, Revolution is coming, Putler kaput.
I love you Russia, my dear Rus’!!! Kiev-born, white, holy Russia!!! Slavs unite, dear motherland Russia! Save yourself, save! Save the orthodox religion. A. Pushkin (poet), Volodya Vysotsky (poet, singer, actor), Igor Talkov (poet, singer), Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemiansky (guerilla heroes), Seryozha Yesenin (poet), Yuri Gagarin (first cosmonate), Oleg Koshevoy (pioneer hero who participated in an underground anti-fascist organization that acted during German occupation of Ukraine in 1942), boys from Kursk and Komsomolets submarines, Afghanistan, Chechnya.
Stop Islam
Death to wetbacks (Death to the Russki’s crossed out).
Be Russian — be yourself’.
Save the Holy Rus’.
Ahead, Russkiy! — slogan prohibited by court decision.
I’m Russkiy, so I’m not a fascist.